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丸山隆平 ~Hero in Orange~
13 January 2015 @ 01:00 am
I'll be writing in my subject lines if I'm writing as Maru@Enerugii or Maru@Reizei_rpg,
so remember to look out for that so you won't be confused! ;)

Nick: mitani
Age: 21
Contact Information:
mail ~ mitani@adachiuniverse.com
msn ~ mitani_chan@hotmail.com

丸山隆平 ~Hero in Orange~
2008.02.26 【WAHAHA】

Did everyone hear our new songs yet? Hope you like them, because I like them myself
Recently I have been thinking that music is actually the soul to everything living, whenever I liste to a song that I like it will keep running on repeat inside my head for hours, maybe even days and I'll feel happy if the song is happy as well

P.S. Love songs are the best right now
丸山隆平 ~Hero in Orange~
07 February 2008 @ 02:39 am
yush~~ date set for dinner with Uchihime on sunday!

..and I acquired a new toothbrush recently, to replace the one the ghosts 
in our bathroom played around with, from where I got it is a hi-mi-tsu! >D

and I owe Matsuoka-senpai one, I'm kinda scared of what he'll make me do, 
but at that time getting his help getting "something important" seemed like a good idea! xD 
丸山隆平 ~Hero in Orange~
03 February 2008 @ 03:34 am
I met someone new in school some time ago, this Ohkura-kun seems interesting *cough*& cute*cough*, but a wee bit naive at times too.. I think we are gonna become great friends~

In the bathroom I share with Pi, I found my toothbrush used one morning.. that was not how I left it~!!!
So now I put a namesticker on it and I sure hope no more 'ghosts' will take advantage of my poor lil defenseless Tbrush-san again.. and if they still end up using it, please refrain  from putting it on the floor after usage! >___<

I owe Uchi-hime dinner, think I'm gonna take him next week if nothing goes wrong~

Valentines is coming nearer.. Baru-kun already asked me if I like chocolate, I wonder what he is planning o_O;;
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丸山隆平 ~Hero in Orange~
2008.01.25 【Turning point~】

I watched a movie today - I went in all excited but it ended up being really bad so I left before it had even finished
gomen~ to the actors who did their best
and gomen~ to the people who made this movie possible
AND of cause gomen~ to all the people who like this movie!
.. but who would I be if I told you that I liked it, and in reality I didn't? I don't like lying to you guys so I won't do that~!!
well, just to be sure I won't post the title (I don't want to get burried under complaints)

I think I'll go to the movies again tomorrow, heard about another movie that should be good
丸山隆平 ~Hero in Orange~
2008.01.20 【Keep your spirit high, it's not the end..】

We all run from place to place, chasing a shadow we thought we saw, a shadow we think we need to be.
When we pant from running too fast, we realize that our breath is crystallizing in the air in front of us and stop up.
When this happens we need to remember that life isn't about reaching a goal in the end, but life is about developing us selves as we experience new depths and heights in new and old situations that we meet everyday!

We don't know if we will regret what happened today tomorrow, but at least we can make tomorrow better if we don't face with with negative thoughts even before the day has started

I takoyaki at night stalls
丸山隆平 ~Hero in Orange~
Tonight let's shoot off some hanabi in the hope of an ambitious and beautiful new year to come!
In the new year I'll try to become more reliable, so to everyone once again: "Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu"

~Hero in Orange

[OOC: "hanabi" means "fireworks"
"Yoroshiku onegaishimasu" here means " I'll do my best // Please accept my humble feelings" etc.]
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丸山隆平 ~Hero in Orange~
22 December 2007 @ 09:09 pm
2007.12.22 【Winter makes you feel alive~】

It feels nice to breathe in the air when it's chilly 
You take a really deep breath and feel like it's the first time in ages that you breathe fresh air~

My feet felt heavy when I walked in the streets today
the kind of heavy that feels really nice because it feels like you become one with the earth-
badum-badum-badum the sound of walking in an empty little street is great

When the weather gets colder people automatically get closer ...
We don't change but we are drawn together by the cold outside and the quietness of the nature around us
Maybe that is why it feels nice to give    to each other at christmas, because then we show this "closeness"~

This christmas, and in the coming new year, I'll work my hardest to show those around me that I care

Baaaaa~i my little snowmen


Tomorrow I'll open my eyes thinking only of the good things I did today!
丸山隆平 ~Hero in Orange~
Mailed everyone now Sure hope they are able to find it
But my heart is already going all "dokidoki" because I can't wait until the 25th

~Hero in Orange
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丸山隆平 ~Hero in Orange~
Everything has been settled for the xmas party, just need to get a yes from you all~
The place is "Garasu Inn" located 5 mins walk south-west from the Tennoji Station, I have reserved it from 8:00pm, I'm sure you'll all be able to find it
If not I'll stand outside it, shoting - so just follow my voice

~Hero in Orange
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